Cloud-lines.ml is a live Webcam of the swiss sky. The images are made every ten minutes. It is a tailored #WordPress instance with a webcam plugin and a component deleting old attachments again. The images each has a name as md5 string, to avoid people hotlinking the images from anywhere else. They are not kept here, to prevent that the webspace is overloaded. It is possible, and highly appreciated, to link to us by using https://cloud-lines.ml/current.jpg as image, which is always the current. The Twitter account for historical reasons discontinued. Twitter didn’t like that and blocked our app. We have some plans but they are not yet mature.

Creative Commons License
The Images licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Link Code
<a href="https://cloud-lines.ml/"><img src="https://cloud-lines.ml/current.jpg" /></a>